How to choose keystroke recorder?

What keystroke recorder offers to its users?

It goes without saying that we all are curious about others online activity, especially when it comes to our loved ones. The perfect solution to monitor children’s online activity or finding out your partner’s passwords from social network’s accounts is installing keylogger software or hardware.

This product will keep you informed regarding everything what was typed on a target computer. Especially controlling software might be useful if you are curious about activity performed on your PC while you were away.

High quality keystroke recorder is running in complete stealth, therefore, will be completely untraceable and undetectable for security software or the system on target PC.

From now on it is possible viewing sent messages by means of Skype, Viber, etc. but also looking through messages that were typed but not sent. Some types of software also allow tracking mouse clicks, monitoring launched apps.

Valuable feature is an access to browsing history and a list of visited websites, especially if we are talking about parental control measures. For parents it will be useful to know how much time child spent working on a computer, watching screenshot made in a definite period of time, tracing key words typed and watch through printed files.

Keystroke recorder main features

Modern tracking technology is available for everyone these days and you don’t have to be a genius to successfully use it. In most cases this software provides great opportunity to protect children’s  virtual environment from inappropriate data available online, moreover, downloading and  installing reliable software guarantees peace of mind for every disturbed parent and great opportunity to monitor your loved ones online activity.

Advanced features provided by reliable keystroke recorders are operating great with Windows and Mac OS. Most of them are available for reasonable price or even there are free versions available online, of course, they will be lacking some features, but still worthy of your attention. Here are some essential features that user will enjoy after installing keylogger software:

  • Access to online search history. Are you curious what websites you children attending and how much time spend there? Or why the productivity of your employees is worsening but, still, they are spending too much time over their PCs? Now you will have an access to their browsing history and will be able blocking suspicious websites;
  • Keystrokes and apps logging. Keystroke recorder is able to monitor every running app on your PC as well as all the texts typed in them, and even the one that was typed but not sent. It is also possible making screenshots at certain periods of time. Moreover, emails, chats, Word documents are now available for your monitoring;
  • Access to chats history. Are you worry that your child is chatting with strangers online and want to know more? Any reliable keystroke product records both sides of any online correspondence, including such services as ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Messenger, Skype, Viber, MSN, QIP and many others. From now on all incoming and outgoing messages are available for parents’ free access;
  • Microphone, webcam and printer logging feature assists in overall online activity monitoring. Keylogger software users are able recording sounds in premises, listening to conversations, video chats. Access to webcam can capture images at specified time, moreover, now you can see titles  of the printed files;
  • Logging of files and folders changes. Keystroke recorder monitors all created, changed, renamed or deleted files as well as directories.

Without any questions there are many other features available for users so it is important choosing most suitable product that will correspond to your expectations.