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How to choose most suitable monitoring software?

Domains of our lives that require additional monitoring

Various monitoring products are extremely popular nowadays as they help gaining control over our lives: personal and professional. Concerned parents, managers, jealous spouses – everyone who wish controlling various aspects of their lives should think about installing keystroke recorder.

These products are easy to use: no one has to be an expert to download software and make use of it. Great amount of free keystroke recorders is available online for receiving an access to someone’s personal messages, chats, downloaded and printed documents or emails.

Millions today are using keyloggers to view children’s online activity, spouses’ personal correspondence or else. It is also invaluable opportunity to check your employees: this software gives a chance to control their running apps, look through chats, messages or browsing history. In this way you will know how effective your employees are.

Main domains where this kind of software might be used include following:

  • Parental control. Keylogger software allows parents to monitor online history, amount of time spent in the Internet, chats from various services as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. it is also possible blocking suspicious websites with inappropriate or adult content.
  • Commercial security. The keylogger software can be used while tracking key words and terms associated with undisclosed information that was used by employees while chatting with third party. Also it can be used for monitoring the use of computers in personal matters;

How to choose the best software to protect your children?

Every parent wants to make sure his child is safe while browsing the Internet. As a result, protective parents are getting curious about keylogger software that monitors and controls online activity.

While initial search for a reliable software baffles you with countless options making it extremely hard choosing appropriate one. Before installing one or purchasing paid one it is important understanding your needs and following next recommendations:

Read posted reviews and testimonials. You will find valuable information posted by parents who share their experience;

Find out more about software features. Variety of different keylogger products for Mac and Windows with different set of features.  The same applies to free and paid versions. Some available online for free monitoring software has wider range of features than the chosen paid one;

It is also important to make sure the chosen software provides password protection. In this case free product may lack this option, that means that children are free to change the configuration or even disable the keylogger software;

Make sure there is a free trial version available to determine whether the chosen software meets your expectations and requirements;

A lot of monitoring software can be easily detected – check if your keylogger runs in stealth mode. Stealth mode means that the software runs in the background, doesn’t affect operational processes and goes undetected. If your kids are not aware of its presence – they will not try to find ways to disable it;

User friendly interface also plays a major role as users must be able to configure the settings by themselves.

Such vital asset as keylogger software will ensure online safety of your children and peace of mind for parents.

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