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The purpose of keylogger software

Where keylogger software can be used?

Today’s market if full of tempting offers of easy to use key logging software or, as it also called, hardware device that is able logging every key stroke one makes. By means of this product it is possible capturing personal messages, passwords, credit card numbers, etc. Usually keyloggers are installed by malware but today it is more often it is done by managers, who want to monitor employees, curious friends, jealous partners and protective parents. Needless to say, that keylogger products are popular form of malware as provides criminals with access to users’ sensitive data.

Nowadays keyloggers can be found on an open market as it is a legitimate software or hardware. Here are situations where this product is usually used:

  • Corporate security measures. The software can be used to track the key words associated with undisclosed and commercial information used by employees or in monitoring the use of computers in non-work-related matters;
  • Suspicious partners or spouses often use keylogger to track computer actions;
  • Parental control. With the help of keylogger parents are now able tracking children’s online activity and block websites with adult or otherwise inappropriate content.

What to choose keylogging software or hardware?

Keystroke recorder is available as software or a hardware device that is plugged into PC where your keyboard is connected. Latter type doesn’t allow retrieving remotely received information so you must continually return to the target computer to do so manually. Probably, this is the biggest flaw of keylogger hardware. From the other hand, programs that feature built-in keylogger provide users with following features:

  • Online history recording;
  • Screenshots capturing;
  • Inappropriate websites blocking (if we are dealing with parental control)
  • Chats and instant messaging recording;
  • Monitoring emails and attachments;
  • Access to passwords and usernames, etc.


Best key logger software has clear and user friendly interface, various available languages to choose from and allow users monitoring their computer remotely from mobile device having downloaded special app for iOS or Android. But not all of the available products are able recording mouse clicks and some users find this feature important.

Keylogging as a tool of parental control

Overprotective parents install software that includes a keylogger on a computer and allows to see everything child types. In most cases it is undetectable as runs in a stealth mode – well hidden in the background, recording every keystroke. Monitoring software allows parents reading through browsing history or making screenshots of computer screen at the time.

Free keylogger enabling parent controlling following features:

  • Clipboard monitoring;
  • Keystroke recording;
  • Chats logging;
  • Recording of Internet activity;
  • App monitoring;
  • Stealth mode of operation;
  • Auto uninstalls;
  • Auto log clean;
  • Screenshots capturing

Using keylogger software will help parents finding out what apps their children are using, how many hours have they spent working on the computer, what websites have they visited and block inappropriate ones for further visiting. Chats from Facebook, Viber, Kik, WhatApp, Skype and other popular chat apps are also available for parental monitoring as well as made photos and even printing. It is also possible making screenshot during Skype video chats. All reports are usually sent via FTP or specified email.

Free or paid services are equally efficient but paid ones have some special features.Many users will find this software quite convenient as monitoring your employees, children, and spouses ensures sense of control over your life.

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